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The boy gives his hero a bottle of Coke, and in exchange for the drink, the football player throws to the boy, who excitedly catches the souvenir. This road sign means that people are strictly prohibited from parking there.

In the Coke ad a young boy meets football star Mean Joe Green as he is leaving the field a game. Visitors to New York City are often amused to see a road sign with these words: Dont even think about parking here.

John: Do you think that has anything to do with the casting of the movie? That is exactly how I feel about my favorite books. Harry Potter movie fans will get a long-awaited treat.

But I dont think the character development was that strong. Backstage, he practiced his line, over and over again, Listen, I hear the guns roar! When the girl finally reached me, she said, I didnt WANT there to be so many people here, because this is MY books! Readers are now keen to know the plot of the next book.

They ran away from the camp and walked 1,500 miles to find their mothers.

He was safe, and this narrow escape was due to good luck and the kindness of a few non-Jews. Racist police separate them from their families and send them to special centers. The government intends to integrate them into white Australian society. John: Laura, I am wondering if youre free tomorrow night.

Cause, my love, theres something I want you to know, Youre the love of my life, youre my lady. Listening Skills1-i 2-a 3-f 4-b 5-c 6-d 7-h 8-g 9-e III.

Lady, your loves the only love I need And beside me is where I want you to be.

keeping everything to himself Task 2: Problem of Meeting People 1. Laura: But I can see that both of you have the same interests and personalities. Mary: Im worried about the cultural differences, too. a dance, a game, a picnic Double dating Two couples Group dating Large groups Go out for a long period Intention to marry Adult dating Men and, work, dine together Casual dating system Those who hardly know each other Blind dating Those who have never met before VI. Furthering Listening and Speaking Listening Task 1: Only One Line Peter has always wanted to be an actor, but never succeeded because he had a hard time memorizing lines. Harrys going to have quite a bit to deal with as he gets older. Q: Of the many things you must have heard people say about Harry Potter, what are some of your favorites? Q: Did you always plan to write Harrys story in more than one book? A: I always conceived it as a seven-book series because I decided that it would take seven years, from age eleven to seventeen, inclusive, to train as a wizard, and each of the books would deal with one year of Harrys life at the school. A: I dont want to i\give anything away, but I tell you that the books are getting darker.

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