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As long as you have a credential with that name, the workflow/uda should work fine. cheers, Vadim Hi Vadim, thanks a lot for this great post! Vadim Hi Vadim, it is an Excel file with Macros - I just wanted to set a cell via workflow and use that cell as part of the Header.If you have a different named constant, just update the UDA and republish it an the workflow. I was unable to download the UDA and import it but tried to recreat it and i'm getting this error on the second Call Web Service. Error returned from server: Hi Mike, in order to import the UDA, go to Manage User Defined Actions, click on the New or Create button and that will open the designer. That should let you import the file that is in the Downloads section on this post. It helped me a lot to configure the workflow to work with Excel. The set cell works but if you set the Header (and as far as I know it's only possible with a macro) you have to save the file as - and then my Problem starts :-) Markus Hi Vadim, Thanks for all your excellent posts! I have been struggling a long time to get exactly what you do with your UDA work with Nintex Workflow for Office 365 using the Web Request action.

Excel for the web (formerly Excel Web App) extends your Microsoft Excel experience to the web browser, where you can work with workbooks directly on the website where the workbook is stored.When selecting that web method in the Call Web Service action, behind the scenes, a SOAP packet is being built.You can configure most of the parameters for this web method in the nice UI provided.You can't just call a method to update a cell in your spreadsheet.The way to use this web service, is to first obtain a Session ID.

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