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After about 6 hours of trial and error, I finally revived this Tera Station. I launched the web interface, and was greeted by it all in Japanese. Step 18: Do a little dance and enjoy your renewed NAS. But for me, it went more like: Step 1: Spend several days going back and forth with Buffalo support Step 2: Finally convince them it's a hardware issue and they ship a new one Step 3: Encounter the same exact issues Step 4: Toss it in the garbage and buy a Synology Synology would be my first choice too, but this was free. I like the Synology model capable of Plex streaming, forgot the name of it offhand. I have an old Thecus N2100 I used for years personally, haven't any issue with it other than slow throughput.

Senario was that it had no drives and I replaced them. It was non-functional, so I asked if I could take it home to tinker with it. Just have too many expenses at the moment to afford one. I've updated the Buffalo to the latest, and it looks like the last update was 2 years ago, so hope its good to go for a few years.

To turn off the power, open NAS Navigator2, right-click the Link Station icon, and click [Shut Down].After removing all partitions, I inserted them back into the device. Select Ignore Version, Rebuild table, Force Update. The permanent red Function LED is replaced with a blinking amber Information LED (2x long, 5x short = Code 25, updating firmware) Leave the device alone, it is updating and will reboot on its own. Wait until the power LED stops blinking after the reboot. Unfortunately, it defaulted to japanese, so after login, you might want to change this first. The Function LED glows permanent red and now it was seriously bricked, since it had no operating system and it would not boot via TFTP. Edit Start LS-Updater, it should find the device in EM-Mode. Upon turning it on, it displayed "TFTP Boot Recovery E06". I do not understand why Buffalo does not make it easier to do or have a guide on their page. Step 3: In the firmware updater folder, in my case it was called TS-X_FW1.71, you will see two particular files. Step 4: Rename to and rename u to u Step 5: Go to this page: and go to the bottom. I tried each of the passwords, in my case, the third one worked. Where it says No Formatting = 1, change it to No Formatting = 0Step 15: Launch TSUpdater. Drives should be formatting now and firmware will be uploaded after formatting is done. Yea, I thought about doing a You Tube video, but I don't really have a camera other then a Webcam and I am not very good at talking. I picked up one of these off e Bay for with no drives in it (thankfully they did include the empty caddies).SO I decided to write down a culmination of what I gleaned from the Internet. There are four passwords in the section called Password Summary. In the second file, extract uimage-88f6281.buffalo Step 6: Place both files in TFTP Boot Recovery folder. Step 10: You will see on the command window of the TFTP Boot program that those two files were transferred. It should say Welcome to Terastation after 30 seconds or so. My attempts at Twitch streaming can attest to that. Not sure where to post it, I thought reddit would be a good place. I went through 4-5 guides and got it pieced together enough to try and upload the firmware on mine, but it kept yelling at me that there was no partition.

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