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Also good places are bar areas at night (for immediate extraction) and from your hotel (girls that hang around your hotel will probably be there again, which gives you an option for logistical superiority).Once you get a list of girls you can go two ways with this, either the Shotgun method or sniping method.Girls I met that dated laowais all say the same things: foreigners are better boyfriends, better lovers, and have bigger dicks, and you can be sure that the ones with no experience with dating laowais, heard these stories from the ones that did.What all this means is that you have a major competitive edge, especially being a rare, soon to be gone commodity like a tourist. Asshole game usually won't take you very far, if I have to give a description to what your game should be I'd say: "Alpha male that is kind enough to have beta mannerisms for this special girl", or if you wish, a gentleman.Sunshine", just make sure it's something light, fun and easy to understand.You can also add a "What’s up" line, this will be displayed next to your username.You can link the account to your phone number, Facebook or email, doesn't really matter.Set up an English username, can be your first name, can be just an Alias like "Mr.

Like in any dating site, a good profile pic will make it or break it, so choose wisely.

Never try to copy Chinese guys, if you can, try to be the complete opposite from them, dress different, act different.

Here being a laowai is peacocking enough, so no need to go overboard, just look sharp and western, and don't dress like a tourist.

Once you did all this, you are ready to find prospects.

There are several ways you can find random girls, but only one is worth the trouble and that's "people nearby".

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