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Our strength lies in applying coastal research to real-world issues – providing a scientific basis for resource management from environmental policy to engineering works.Our equipment is customised for use in small survey vessels supporting a range of mapping requirements in offshore and inland locations, particularly in coastal and shallow waters.Staff are highly experienced in the use of stable isotopes, both natural abundance and enriched tracers, particularly in biological and environmental research.In 2006 the WSIU was accredited by the International Atomic Energy Agency for analyses of carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) content and isotopes 13C and 15N in plant materials.Precision analyses of carbon and nitrogen content in solid or liquid samples are also provided with a LECO Tru Spec Carbon/Nitrogen Determinator fitted with an autosampler for liquids.The WSIU provides commercial analyses and also services the needs of scientists at the University of Waikato and their collaborators, promoting the use of stable isotopes in all branches of research.

WAIK services requirements for systematic botanical research and identification of plants for the University, education of University of Waikato students, other government and public organisations, and individuals.

If you don't have your own program, our workshop technical staff can help. We also have CAD (Solidwork) and CAM (Mastercam) software available for the clients to program their job. CNC facilities in the workshop include: Boats; 6 meter and 3.8 meter, Fully Certified Skipper, nets, traps for sampling fish and plankton. Please email Warrick Powrie or phone 64 for further details and pricing.

The Faculty's Coastal Marine Group (CMG) has more than 30 years’ experience in state-of-the-art sampling, measurement and monitoring of shallow water environments.

Staff in the unit are actively involved in palaeoclimate and archaeological research and have a leading role in international calibration programmes.

The facilities of the Waikato Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory are also available for external contract work.

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