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Yup, the reality star is a bona fide video star, too.

At the top of the vid, Spears and her pals/Piece of Me residency backup dancers chat up an attractive young gentleman called Michael at a café. And at that casting call, Michael and a few other dudes attempt to impress Brit Brit and her buddies. Blessed be, the shirtless hunk-o-rama (hunk-o-rama, I say!

“Lost Found,” the darker of the two volumes, floats a storm cloud over its parade of famous faces.

Celebrities, in La Chapelle’s eyes, are at once invincible and terminally ill.

Antonio Ballatore celebrates his birthday on 21 January as per his bio..reveals his siblings..her his wife..dating his beautiful girlfriend..not married right now...introduce his wife..the age of 50...

“I never wanted to shoot another pop star as long as I lived,” he said. Two hefty new books of La Chapelle’s photographs, “Lost Found Part I” and “Good News Part II,” are marked by that torment; he’s said that these will be his final publications.Now, it is not the David La Chapelle-directed version that we thought we were getting, but that is not to say Randee St. As Perez Hilton points out, So You Think You Can Dance alum and current Are You The One?contestant Asaf Goren is in Britney Spears’s “Make Me…” video.He captures them at the height of their exuberance, and yet they often look embalmed, their flesh made of Naugahyde, their faces frozen in distant, narcotic wonder.In “Siren and the Synthetic Sea,” from 2011, a purple-haired Katy Perry poses in a sequinned mermaid’s tail, perched over a tide of plastic garbage in the humid, blue night.

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