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Unfortunately, the afternoon didn't go as planned: Partly due to my weak upper arm strength, which doesn't lend itself well to rowing, and partly to my date's decision to non-ironically wear a Hawaiian. " I hated this question because it somehow implied that the life I was living was a choice, as if I had a say in the extent to which I got sick. Offering yourself up and saying, "Here I am, a completely imperfect and gassy being" can be horrifying, but being loved for who you are, can be so worth it.

I could tell the date was going to be an upstream battle. Dating with digestive illnesses still isn't super easy.

Bringing them up to anyone is awkward AF, and usually not a turn-on (one would hope).

But on another note, not eating gluten — no matter the reason — gets a bad rap, thanks to people who think it isn't a medically necessary dietary practice.

Hence, the flashback to that Saturday night my senior year in college.I weighed the odds for partaking and getting sick later, or explaining why I wasn't eating. (Most people really have no clue what gluten is.) "Well, it's... My burps and farts are met with high fives instead of a turned-up nose.Scratching both choices off the list, I decided to do nothing at all, except for taking particularly long bathroom breaks to kill time. "No, It's just that I can't eat gluten." He squinted at me. He goes out of his way to buy me gluten-free pasta and crackers.After we docked our boats and finally set foot on land again, he suggested I accompany him and a few friends for dinner. But my enthusiasm quickly subsided when I realized he was taking me to a pizza place. My partner and I have spent nights in the ER, waiting for CT scan results of my abdomen.The boys ordered pitchers of beers and pizzas for the table and wholeheartedly dug in, while I sat staring at the food, not touching it. I've had to leave parties to go throw up in a nearby trash can, but he's always been there to hold my hair.

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Instead, I made excuses for my behavior, and hid my symptoms from potential partners at all costs. He was the last date I ever had to explain my digestive illnesses to, and while it took him a long to time to understand them (I've come to realize that for me, opening up about having a chronic digestive illness is oftentimes the hardest part.

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